Craps bets types: choose the bet that will work for you.

The game where dice were used is mentioned in the sources of ancient Rome and India. Centuries ago, people managed to make big money on this game. Naturally, there were different variants of this excitement, and all of these variants had different names.

In its present form, Craps appeared in France and, with some modifications it has entered the life of the gamblers. They are real professionals, shooters. A significant contribution to the development of Craps was made by John Wynn, who added several new Craps bets and changed the table layout. This option is now accepted in all offline and online casinos.

How to play and make Craps bets

Before the gamblers shoot dice, they make Craps bets, and payouts for each bet differ a lot. In virtual casinos, when gamblers play on slots, the Payout tables can be seen all the time: on the screen.

In offline casinos, gamblers remember them as mostly professionals play there, and all of them have only one aim: to win much. Therefore, they all remember about the best bets in Craps and how to make them.

Types of Craps bets and rules

Oddly enough, but Craps is played mostly in online casinos. Some playing sites add or remove certain types of bets, but in fact, the game remains the same.

This means that a gamer can safely start playing this game in almost any gambling web resource. Craps has two main stages of the game.

The first stage

First, the gamblers shoot the dice and if 7 or 11 appear, the shooter wins immediately and shoots again.

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If 2 or 3 appear, then the shooters lose. When 12 points appear, a draw is declared. If the dice showed 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9, then the second stage of the game begins.

The second stage

In the second stage of the game, the gambler’s chosen number is called a Point. The shooter shoots the dice until this number is repeated. If at this time 7 appears, then this is a loss, and when the Point appears before 7, then this is a victory.

Betting depends on it. So, the gamblers may bet that they can win or lose in the first stage. Other bets relate to the second stage when a player should get the Point.

Other bets in Craps

Besides the best Craps bets described above, the other ones can be made. These are the following ones:

  • Dice have a sum of 2— with these Craps bets win the payout is 30:1;
  • Dice have a sum 3 — payout is 15:1;
  • The sum is 11 — 15:1 payout;
  • The sum is 12 — 30:1 payout;
  • The sum of 2, 3 or 12 gives payout 7: 1;
  • With 7 the payout is 4 to 1.

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