Craps simulator: great opportunities and big wins

Dice are an alternative to gambling, along with cards, roulette, reel slots and a variety of lotteries. Craps simulator is a free online casino with no restrictions on official membership (registration) or financial opportunities. Bypass any risks allow demo devices that allow you to play craps online free.

Why is it worth playing craps simulator?

Craps is one of the most popular gambling games among those that use dice. It is interesting in itself, because there is not only an element of luck in it, but you must also be able to make the right bets in order to win as much as possible and lose the minimum.

Advantages of craps simulators:

  1. Free Craps simulator does not require any skills. You roll dice and win or lose based on what happened.
  2. Great chances. Unlike poker and roulette, where casino odds reach 29%, craps has a casino advantage of only 0.6% – this is the lowest figure in all gambling. You will get a 1:1 payout if you guess at Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets. Moreover, the casino advantage is only 1.4%. You can get 2: 1 by guessing the numbers 4 or 10 (Pass Line and Come bets). You will receive a 3:2 payouts on a roll of 5 or 9, and a 6:5 payouts on the number 9 or 8. In these cases, the advantage of the casino is 4.7%.
  3. Unlimited possibilities in craps strategy simulator. When it comes to throwing dice, your possibilities of winning are almost endless. Because there are so many possible outcomes that you can play for hours, but never go through all of them.
  4. Ability to play in demo mode. First, start playing without real money bets, and then, when you have mastered all the rules and understood the principles of raising bets and other subtleties, you can proceed to the game for real money.
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The top of the best craps strategy simulators

There are some of the best online craps strategy simulators that have gained popularity:

  • “Vegas Craps” is a product of Microgaming designers. There are numerous bet control elements available through the “Game Settings” panel, where bets can be canceled and placed again. When the virtual dice stop and the dealer announces the result, you will be paid a corresponding reward. Players have the ability to use software to track the numbers and results of their shots, much more complex statistical numbers.
  • “Craps” by Microgaming. For a beginner, the Craps simulator “Craps” will seem very complicated, but over time, having studied its rules, it will easily begin to win decent amounts. The goal of the game is that the user must guess which combination will give the dice on the field and make a bet that will bring victory. To start a round in the craps video game, you should select a chip with the amount that you are willing to spend. Then decide which fields will be bet on and place chips on them.
  • “Craps” by Playtech. In this craps betting strategy simulator, you will find vivid graphics and a realistic interface, typical for all products of Playtech, known for its unsurpassed quality. In addition, Playtech’s craps is not only an exciting experience, generous prizes, but also something more. With the help of this fun, you can develop good mathematical abilities, since you will have to calculate and predict your moves.

Despite the fact that beginners’ Craps simulator may seem like a game with complex rules, but once they are understood, the gamer will gradually hone his skills and knowledge of craps. In addition to the fact that this game gives an excellent mood, pleasant prizes and interesting leisure, it also allows you to develop mathematical and logical skills. Thanks to craps, the leisure of the players will be not only pleasant, but also useful!

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