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It has been the state’s responsibility to set laws and policies regarding online casinos in Australia. The state and territory authorities control and offer gambling services and depend a lot on the generated revenue. However, in the recent past, the Commonwealth is increasingly playing an active role in the sector. There is rapid embrace in the new technologies of communication by the company in the gambling sector. The developments in the industry have significant implications on regulation processes, revenue collection, and the welfare of the whole community. Therefore, it made the Federal Authority passing legislation that halts the provision of services by the Australian Internet Gambling websites to the citizens. However, the regulations did not prohibit Australians from gambling online. You can play online casinos allowed in the country.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001

Due to perceptions of the adverse effects of online gambling in Australia, there was the enforcement of the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) in 2001. There was an emergence of technical gaps, and the country had to make adjustments to the law. The changes targeted the operators intending to protect those who were at risk of online gambling.

It made it impossible for the operators to create advertisements that promote real money interactive online gambling to the residents. However, it did not affect the gamblers. It is legal to play online casinos with licenses and whose location is outside Australia. For companies based in the country, it is legal to provide their services to gamblers abroad. However, they should not offer gambling services to specified countries.

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According to the Interactive Gambling Act, the operators were not doing anything wrong if they provide their services to the Australian residents without knowing. The specification prompted them to put warnings and address scrutinies before signing up on the websites.

In the subsequent decade, several gaps lead to reinforcement of the bill. For example, the realization that people were placing bets during live events using their phones. In 2016, there was the passing of the amendments bill. It became illegal for even the Australian casinos to provide online gaming.

The changes caused many companies to withdraw their service. However, there are online casinos that could follow the rules continued with operations. There are minor amendments that seek to penalize the offshore betting operators who are unlicensed and offer their services to Australians.

The legal status of Online casinos in Australia

According to a section of the Interactive Gambling Act, it is legal to operate some forms of online gambling. There are two levels of the regulations on betting operations. There is the industry regulation under the Federal Government and the gambling regulation under both the state and territorial authorities.

There is a large market for online pokie machines in Australia since its legal for the local players to access. You will also come across the Brick-and-mortar pokie slots in clubs, casinos, and pubs. There has been an extreme tender competition when the new licenses are out. There is a lot of gambling in Australia than in any other country in the world, and it happens through pokie slots. Though it is illegal to operate online poker sites, it is the most popular game in Australia.

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The provision of gambling games for real money to the residents is legal in Australia if you bet with the top online casinos regulated by the authorities. They provide games such as video poker, craps, roulette, and blackjack.

It is legal to offer online bingo in the country. There are companies providing computer bingo games. Although there is a prohibition of some online lotteries, players are allowed to play keno and purchase local lotto tickets.

Betting on the outcome of lotteries is permitted in Australia, though the practice has been controversial recently. While the regulations forbid online instant lotteries, staking on their results in terms of number probabilities and financial stimulations is not.

Winning Taxations

It is the responsibility of the gambling operators to pay taxes in Australia. The players are not subject to any income tax on their wins. The federal government perceives it as returns from a hobby and the result of luck.

The operators pay tax depending on the location of the casinos or poker machines and type of the game. There is also a variation of taxes between the states. The operators will also pay tax as they acquire an operating license from the government.

Players are only subject to charges or fees when withdrawing or depositing money into foreign sites. Additionally, fees on the conversion of the Australian dollar to the operator website supported currency. However, there are online casinos that accept the Australia dollar, and you don’t have to convert, you can try your first deposit in Smartcasinoguide.

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Recent Legal Developments

Though it seems the current status of gambling will remain intact for some time, recent years’ developments have brought some anticipation.

Some legislators had proposals that would prevent Australian from gambling in foreign sites. The target would be financial institutions, whereby it would be an offense to process transactions on unlawful gambling.

There have been suggestions in recent times to block money flow out of the country. That is through giving licenses to companies in Australia. Therefore, the residents would be able to play on local and licensed sites. However, the licensing of online poker seems to lack political support.

The 2017 reforms on the Interactive Gambling Act

The changes made in 2017 aim to prevent the provision of illegal online gambling services from operators outside Australia. The reforms require the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to register betting service providers who have an Australian license. It is also possible to refer to the top management of the offending organizations to the Australian Border force.

According to ACMA, over 30 online gambling operators withdrew their licenses within a year since the reforms. However, there are top online casinos that offer their services uninterrupted.


The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) does not make it illegal for Australian players to gamble online. The target is the companies that offer online gaming and gambling. It makes it an offense to provide web-based gambling services to players in the country. You can play online casino games with the recommended companies in Australia.

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