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Most craps fans would agree that this game of chance is much more interesting in a real casino, where the table gathers a noisy and cheerful group of like-minded people. They cheer the shooters, share tips, cheer for each other and just have fun in a unique atmosphere of excitement.

Craps at an online casino loses some of its charm, but it has some important advantages, including affordability, no extra costs, safety, and so on. In addition, when playing at online casinos in Australia, customers can easily employ betting systems and strategies for craps that are not always possible at offline establishments.

Peculiarities of playing craps

To learn how to win often at craps from casinos you need to understand the basic rules and a few special nuances.

  • Правила – Общие положения рассматриваются в специальной публикации. Start with them to familiarize yourself with the game.
  • Odds of winning – Next, you have to figure out what the mathematical superiority of the house is in the different types of bets. These numbers vary a lot. Some bets have an RTP of 100%, while others have a theoretical return of barely over 80%.
  • Offline VS online – In land-based casinos, the customer himself can be an active participant in the gaming process. Specifically, he rolls the dice, which allows him to resort to various tricks and tricks of the professionals. In online craps, the result depends only on a random number generator, so the user toolkit is less extensive.

This page will be devoted, for the most part, to all online craps betting systems. For techniques for the controlled roll of the dice and other methods for real gambling houses, check out the topical section.

Tips on Craps Strategy

First, a few general recommendations for playing craps online:

  1. The odds – Study the math of craps. Figure out what the theoretical returns and casino advantage are at different stages of the game. This will help you develop the best strategy.
  2. Games – Operators offer models with different payout ratios for certain bets. Accordingly, the levels of RTP are also different. Choose the most favorable conditions.
  3. Betting types – This is one of the most important aspects. You should clearly know what is the mathematical superiority of the institution in different types of bets. The range of indicators is very wide.
  4. Algorithms and systems – Professional craps players have developed techniques to reduce the casino’s advantage to a minimum. It is about certain combinations of different types of bets. Make use of their experience. This does not mean that you will always win, but the probability of winning will increase significantly.

More craps tips can be found in the Craps publications on our website.


Craps is a very exciting game, and one that can be very rewarding. In any case, if you play correctly, the conditions will be much more profitable than European roulette or most slots.