How To Shoot Craps: The Game Strategy For Profitable & Convenient Gambling

Craps is one of the most addictive casino games with almost zero casino’s edge over the player. Unfortunately, this game can be incredibly difficult for a beginner. Though if players stick to the winning strategy of how to shoot craps described below and also use the bonuses offered by the online casino, then they should be able to win and make the game profitable.

How To Shoot Craps:

“Come Out” is the first roll of the dice in a betting round, it starts a new craps game. The dice are thrown by a player called the Shooter. Unfortunately, players have no control over which hand comes up. So, to beat the casino and maximize the winning potential for profit, they must make sure that they follow the tactics of how to shoot craps, and besides, they should make bets in the app with the lowest edge over customers. Besides, players should avoid the worst bets when playing craps in every possible way:

  • Field – the house edge is 5.6%;
  • Big 6 and Big 8 – the house edge is 9.1%;
  • Horn – the house edge is 12.5%;
  • Craps 2 and Craps 12 – the house edge is 13.9%;
  • Any 7 – the house edge is 16.7%.

Players making additional bets (Odds) effectively nullify the house edge. As part of an ideal strategy of how to shoot craps in a casino, it is recommended that these bets be made in addition to Pass / Don’t Pass and Come / Don’t Come bets after the point has been set. These bets will give players the best odds of beating the casino.

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The Working Tips On How To Shoot Craps For Advanced Users

CPR – is a profitable craps game system. The presented type of strategy is designed for players who have some gaming account and experience. Thus, having a meager amount of money on the account, the user will be able to stretch it for a whole game evening and shoot to win craps. Besides, to master the method of playing Craps CPR, the user does not need to have mathematical knowledge, as well as a phenomenal mindset. The system is easy to learn and to use. Example:

  • The user decides to put money on 6 TT 8. The essence of such a bet is that the player assumes that the eight will come up earlier than seven. The payout ratio for this type of bet is 7 to 6. So, suppose the players bet $ 6 on 8;
  • Once their bet is played, they take their winnings, but the bet is not removed from the field;
  • Thus, users increase their bankroll by $ 1. So, the first principle of tactics is fulfilled – “collect”;
  • Now they roll the dice again trying to realize the working principle of how to shoot craps. If they win again, then it’s time to increase the bet. To do this, they need to contact the dealer with a “press” request, which will become the second movement of the “pile up” system.

If the users win again after raising, they need to take all the money, leaving on the field a starting bet of $ 6. It is the third point possessed by the presented tactics on how to shoot craps for advanced players. It is called “reduce”.

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