How to win at Craps playing for money

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The most often asked question of how to win at Craps table every time has no answer: any gambling house, both land or online casino will have an advantage. However, there are tips, which will help a player to increase the number of wins. The game rules’ knowledge is certainly one of them, but there are certain prompts for the players, which might be even more helpful.

How to win at Craps having a small bankroll

Statistically, the Craps player wins to losses ratio is approximately 1: 5. Therefore, those, who are curious about how to win big on Craps, can guess that they won’t be able to win honestly. We are not playing with a person, but with a machine, with its algorithms – it needs to beat us 4-6 times before letting us win 1 time. However, even a beginner can “deceive” it.

Winning at Craps methods

Here is the first way that can help a player to understand how to win at Craps with a small bankroll. First, a player can set the smallest amount of money 5 times in a row and lose. If there is a draw, it is not counted as a loss. If, wanting to lose, a gamer accidentally won he has to start a new count of 5 losses. After 5-6 losses, he has to set a large amount and play, with a 95% probability of a win.

It makes sense to use such a technique only if a gambler can make a sufficiently large bet at the end of the game. The maximum bet size depends on the player’s rank.

Another way to win in Craps online

If a buddy asks a friend of him, who is lucky in dice games: “How do you win at Craps? – Do you know the easiest way to do it?”, and the guy is generous, he can tell a newbie a secret he knows. It is “hidden” in a Double Bet button. When a player doubles the bet, the percentage probability of winning is automatically reduced. For example, in the previous case, it could decrease from 95% to about 80%. The probability of winning will stabilize if a gamer always uses this key. It might seem to be strange, but the pros must be explained. The first plus is, of course, the ability to bet twice as much, especially at the beginning of the game. The second plus is associated with a software bug. It is known that when 3 identical tiles are dropped, a draw is declared and the money is returned to a gamer.

way to win in Craps online

This is how the program works if a player has not doubled a bet, but if he decided to do it, then when he can get more money than a bet size. Draws with a doubled bet become profitable, since a gamer can get the same income as from the usual win. Hence the strategy of increasing the number of draws with doubled bets can “shoot”.

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Win big at Craps – is it possible?

Asking about how to win at Craps, each one means a certain sum of money. If $100 is a “big win” for one guy, this is nonsense for another person. Therefore, as the goals are different, strategies can vary as well. Nevertheless, one rule remains unchanged for all: only Craps practice lets a person feel dice and the game. Experienced players win more often than beginners.

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