Rules of craps – must-know for every casino gambler

Rules of craps or how to get pleasure and profit, being a gambler.

Game of dice is one of the oldest amusements in the world. Even the movers and shakers of ancient Egypt were fans of rolling a die, but, of course, with different craps game rules, than we have today. One can’t pass over the fact that nowadays millions of people spend much time playing this fantastic game.

Craps players use 2 hexagonal dices with marks from 1 to 6. The layout, used during the game, has special high cushions to avoid bones leaving the table. It’s covered with gambling canvas, which has eye markers that can be very useful for those who play the game first time and don’t know craps rules well, yet. This gamble is unique as there can be up to 20 participants simultaneously. Check more games in online casino aus.

Things aside, it’s time to study rules of craps.

The main aim of the gamble is to guess right what number will be turned out on both dies totaling. Every player shakes the dices and drops them on the layout. The result is calculated and is checked with made bet. Table cloth is very similar to the same of the roulette. Besides rules for craps, where the Shooter rolls a die can be compared with a stickman rotating the ball in the roulette.

The game consists of 2 rounds. If the result of the 1st round (Come-out Roll) is 2, 3 or 12, the Shooter loses. 7 or 11 mean the Shooter wins. And there’s again the round # 1. If there are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the plate with lettering “ON” is put on the field with the Point that was dropped out. That means the number is specified and the round (Point Roll) runs on. The gamblers strike the balance after each turn, before the Point or 7 are on the layout. If so, the counter is readjusted to “OFF” side and the 1st round starts again.

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Choose your strategy and remember trust in God and keep your powder dry.

After basic craps rules are learned by heart, it’s time to start playing and getting big payout. But run with guns blazing is not a proper way. It’s necessary to choose any of strategies.

Remember, if to make bets just because this or that number is the favorite one, casino will charge an arm and a leg.

”Pass/Don’t pass” strategy as backbone of rules of craps.

The essence of this type of strategy is to use “Pass Line” (win with 7, 11; lose with 2, 3, 12, next turn with Point) or “Don’t Pass Line” (win with 2, 3; lose with 7, 11, draw with 12, next turn with Point).

Such variant ensures payout with ratio 1:1.

”Come/Don’t Come” strategy.

Everything of genius is simple. Choosing “Come”, the player makes a bet on the following Point, where 7 or 11 are victorious, and 2, 3, 12 are losing. Every number from the rest becomes the Come Point, that is why the bet is moved to the respective sector, and the victory is possible if 7 is not dropped out earlier than Come Point.

“Don’t Come” bet can be made after the Point is set. 2 or 3 are victorious, 7, 11 are losing and 12 is draw. Another number creates Don’t Come Point and the gaining is possible if 7 is dropped out earlier than Come Point.

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