Craps table layout: learn it before starting the game

Craps is an incredibly popular casino game; it can be called a very sophisticated version of Roulette with dice instead of a wheel. Due to its complexity, and sometimes even scaring difficult Craps table layout, this is not the first choice game of many newcomers.

Some people first need time to gain confidence in playing it. Craps playing can be a little confusing when you hear terms like “Come” or “Pass Line” bets, it will make as little sense as “Hardways bets”. However, this game has a lot to offer if you know where to start.

Special Craps table layout

Craps is played on a special table. Vegas Craps table layout for making bets and throwing dice might seem to you very strange and difficult to understand. The playing space is divided into fields in accordance with the bets to be made. Although there are several markup options; the fundamental differences between them are minor. The markup is planned in such a way that the gambling house (a club or a casino) has mathematically calculated guaranteed income from each bet.

Craps table layout is explained well on different YouTube videos: watching them, you will be ready to start this game. You can also find the corresponding information in a casino you are planning to gamble.

Is it real to play Craps and win?

It is real. However, before the start of the game, you must thoroughly remember the basic principles:

  • Learn the rules of the game and Craps table layout;
  • Learn how to manage your finances;
  • Understand how to minimize losses.
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Craps rules provide the ability to make different bets. It is necessary to choose those bets that give a casino advantage of no more than 1%. Novice players should follow the following tactics: before the first round, make the minimum bet on the pass line or don’t pass line, and during the second round, you need to increase it to the maximum. This is a proven tactic, and, as a rule, the bet can be increased up to ten times (it all depends on the rules of a particular gaming table).

Strategies that can help

Raising the bet, the player must always remember the amount of money in their bankroll. If the amount of money is limited, then it is not recommended to increase the stakes much. It is not recommended to bet on the Internet casino to play for money, which gives a great advantage to the gaming resource, although at the same time they have high chances of winning. It is better to bet on the most frequently falling numbers — 6 or 8 either play against the least often falling 4 or 10.

Another important rule is to interrupt the game when another player is ahead. Further, you will learn about some important moments that can help you win.

Understand Craps Terminology

The most important thing is not only to understand layout of Craps table and learn all about your odds (side bets), for instance. You need to master the game.

In some games, you can understand the process, but in Craps even terminology can confuse you, not to mention the rather complicated Craps table layout betting.

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Learn the rules

Take the time to read the rules. Online casinos always offer trial rounds for free, so take the opportunity to grasp a variety of bets. Each game also displays your odds.

In online casinos, you are usually offered to choose a bet and see your chances to make sure that you have read them and know what to expect.

Make your own strategy

Next, make sure you have an idea of your future strategy. It is very easy to get carried away and start betting on the entire table, especially because some bets have very attractive chances. Learn everything in advance and build your strategy, and then stick to it.

Playing at different bets and constantly changing strategy, you can get lost in the calculations of the probability of winning and lose more than planned.

Know your odds

Finally, accept the fact that this is a mathematical game. Each bet has its mathematical credibility of falling out, and their knowledge will give you an advantage in the game.

Considering Craps table layout and betting on Odds (probability) may not be the most interesting, but the safest since the casino will not have a technical advantage over your game. Many pros at Craps recommend sticking to this bet until a sufficient amount of winnings is accumulated.

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