Free Craps Online: Types of Game & Advantages of Playing

Craps is one of the most popular dice gaming options at online casinos. It is presented in various variations on reputable gambling websites. If you have never played online craps, you probably missed one of the most dynamic and interesting real-money games.

Craps is inferior to some other games in popularity – for example, slots that offer a simple betting system and understandable to everyone gameplay. As for online craps (free or real-money versions), the game may seem too confusing for unprepared eyes. However, the rules are not as complex as they seem when you first get to know them. We hope that you get rid of stereotypical thinking about this gaming option and try free online craps right now.

Advantages of Playing Craps – Free Online Options

You can leave the house and go to the nearest land-based casino around the corner – although, we are not sure that there are gambling establishments near your house. However, thanks to internet technology, you can use a laptop or smartphone to play craps with wide betting ranges and great odds. Here are some important benefits of free online craps:

  • Reduced limits for bets. You will not find a land-based casino with dice tables accepting bets below $ 5. Craps by Playtech accepts bets divisible by 1 cent.
  • Playing craps online for free, you have a great opportunity to learn the rules and understand all the subtleties of the game.
  • Play at any time and manage the duration of the game sessions at your discretion.
  • Use the generous casino bonus offers to improve your chances of winning.
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Thanks to online gambling platforms, the popularity of dice games is growing rapidly.

Types of Online Craps for Free

Many online casinos include the following variations of free online craps in their gaming collections:

  • Simplified Craps is the best game option for beginners because this version has simple rules – a simple betting system is used and complex side bets are excluded. Just roll the dice, and the resulting numbers will determine the outcome of the game round.
  • Bank Craps is the most common variation of the game in land and online casinos. Standard rules and a unique layout are used here. By choosing this version of free online craps, you get a good chance of winning, but some other variations reduce the house-edge even more.
  • High Point Craps attracts the attention of players who expect fun gameplay and high chances of success. The basic rules are used in this game. However, each initial roll of 2 or 3 will not be counted until other numbers appear. In addition, 11 or 12 means that you won even money.

There are many other variations of free online craps with interesting rules and fun gameplay – like Crapless craps. Many casinos do not include this option in their game collections, since house-edge can reach virtual 0%.

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