Play Craps online for fun free online

Play Craps online for fun

Craps is a game with dice that can be played both online and offline. The latter variant is often chosen by dice fans — they play it at home or even outside, in their yards. The rules, which players use can be different, but here we will mention the classic variant of the gameplay. It can be mastered when you play Craps online for fun free.

Play Craps Online for fun free in Canada

This game was not so popular in the last century, but now, especially with all these pandemic restrictions, Canadians learn to play Craps online. They can do it for free: thankfully, there are hundreds of reliable sites, which share with their users Craps rules. Besides, they let people practice this game.

  • Choose online casino Craps practice — play the game without spending a cent;
  • Use Craps simulator (find it on the internet);
  • Install the mobile app with the game and enjoy the process of learning the rules.

You can pick either one or all mentioned variants. Besides, you can find Craps fans among your buddies and share your interest with them.

What is Craps?

When the game is played, 2 dice are used. The person that throws them is called a shooter. Your aim is to beat a casino. To do it, you must know everything about bets — this is the most important moment in the game.

There are many different bets in Craps, but we are going to take a look at the most important ones, which will maximize your chances of winning. You will understand them when you start to play Craps online for fun free with other players.

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Rules of Craps in brief

First, the player bets. In addition, he predicts which numbers the shooter will roll. The possible outcome of the throw is 2 to 12 points. The shooter and the players may bet on the Pass Line and Don’t Pass.

The 1st roll is the Come Out and every new round begins with it. If the first roll is 7 or 11, the shooter and the players who bet on a profit from the shooter (Pass Line) win. When the 1st roll is a 2, 3, or 12 (Craps), the shooter loses (also the players who bet on a loss of the shooter (Don’t Pass). If the first throw is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then that is a point. At a point, the players may again bet in the Come bet box.

When you learn to play Craps online, you must remember that the shooter has to roll that point until he gets 7. Before the shooter wants to throw his point, you can place a bet in the Come. With that, you place a bet on the next number. If that number is different from the point, then that number is the point for the player placing the bet. This may continue until the point of the shooter or a 7 appears.

When the shooter rolls a 7, he (and the other players that made bets on the Pass line) lose. When the shooter rolls his point, he (and players, which made their bets on the Pass line) win.

There are many options here to bet and each of these bets has a different payout.

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