Play Craps online and win much

Play Craps online

Millions of players have heard about Craps, but only a few of them know that this dice game is a very old entertainment that was popular in ancient times.

Since the Stone Age, people have been fascinated by dice and the randomness that determines which side of the dice has the good fortune or bad luck to land up after a throw. Of course, the old game that our ancestors played cannot be compared with its modern variant. Those, who play Craps online to win real money, do it surrounded by comfort, at home, office or any other place, where Wi-Fi or mobile internet are on.

Play Craps online – do it for free to learn the game

There are several motives to play Craps online free, and the #1 of them is a chance to learn the game and its rules. We have access to the internet almost everywhere nowadays, so why not chose any virtual casino, where a visitor can legally learn free how to play Craps online? Here are the best-trusted gambling resources, which invite players to do it at any time:

  • El Royale;
  • William Hill;
  • Royal Panda;
  • Slots Empire;
  • Red Dog, etc.

Besides, a newbie can find a good FB social internet casino where this game with dice is offered for free.

Craps – the game with high winning odds

There are many reasons why this game is so popular with the players. On the one hand, all can play free Craps games to relax. On the other hand, gamblers have a relatively good opportunity to beat a casino. The chance to win large sums of money here is great. If the right betting strategy is chosen, even a beginner can catch his luck and get hundreds or even thousands of dollars in less than an hour.

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Craps – the game with high winning odds

Here it is worth mentioning that the differences between Craps at real casinos and games in RNG form at online casinos are huge. Games at land-based casinos are open to large numbers of players and the gaming rounds are often intense. Playing with only the house as an opponent on a screen does not give the same empathy. In addition, the game idea is often a bit more limited online, even if the Craps table looks the same and the game rounds work in the same way.

The most important moments in Craps

Here are the things that a beginner who decides to play Craps online, should always consider when dealing with dice choosing this game:

  • A player acts as a shooter in each round – he rolls the dice;
  • A round consists of two phases – come-out roll and point round;
  • Bets on different alternatives can be placed in both phases;
  • The options are partly different depending on the phase;
  • All games pay according to a fixed winning plan;
  • Basically, the rules work the same way at online and land casinos.

The RTP in Craps is usually very high. Specific rules can affect it somewhat, but overall RTP is usually a bit over 99%. For some of the game options, the house even has no advantage at all.

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